XDK2MAM Status Review

XDK2MAM Phase 1: XDK110-Tangle connectivity

The first part of XDK2MAM project aimed to provide documented open source code to connect the XDK110 with the Tangle, allowing people prototyping IoT with this powerful tool to have a way to safety store the data produced. Over the last six months we have provided with code to connect this device and the Tangle via:

XDK2MAM Phase 1: Dashboard application

All the above methods provided several means to send data from the XDK110 to the Tangle but, in all cases, we ended up with json datasets flooding the console. This is why, our project phase 1 last milestone was to develop what we call XDK2MAM Dashboard. This application was needed to:

  • Have a visualization/storage tool for the data produced by the XDK110
  • Be able to get data on short intervals (i.e. 1 dataset per second) and a mechanism to publish it to the Tangle dealing with Proof of Work limitations.
XDK2MAM Dashboard overview
Live data published via MAM and waiting to be published
A 10 datasets Bundle posted by XDK2MAM Dashboard

XDK2MAM Phase 2: make the XDK110 sign MAM transactions

What comes next is even more exciting and we are already reviewing the IOTA Foundations approach to have devices signing transactions at a low level.



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