XDK2MAM Status Report: XDK110 can now publish via MAM2.

Cmake Entangled MAM2 Library available on IOT2TANGLE repository

XDK110 can now send datasets via HTTP/MQTT/UDP/USB/BLE using MAM2 Protocol

XDK2MAM provided solutions to send XDK110 sensor’s data to the Tangle using MAM Javascript wrapper and a listener server written in Nodejs. This server listens for the datasets sent by the XDK110 and publishes them via MAM1.

Dealing with MAM2 publications is straightforward:

  • install.sh downloads Cmake Entangled, compiles needed files (send-msg, recv), moves them to the xdk2mam2-nodejs folder level and deletes all unneeded code to keep things clean.
  • server.js listens to the XDK110, gets the datasets and then executes the send-msg binary to send the data, outputting Address, Msg ID and Bundle on console.
  • getData.js executes recv and requires a Bundle as argument to fetch the published data.
Sending datasets via MAM2 with HTTP

Challenges ahead

As we work to find a way to make the XDK110 sign MAM transactions onboard we are conducting research to solve two major issues:

  • Reduce binaries size to make them fit on 1MB flash devices such as the XDK110. The send-msg produced by the Entangled Cmake Lib results in 1MB size so we are analyzing ways to clean unnecessary code (ie. related to the process of getting messages but not used while sending) in order to shrink its size a bit.
  • High CPU load while building bundles. Entangled MAM uses a lot of processing while getting the Bundle ready and this is an important limitation on devices with MCUs that could get stuck. We need to find ways to reduce the work done at this point to allow Onboard transactions.



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