XDK2MAM Status Report

3 min readApr 18, 2019

Origin, a quick review

We started working on XDK2MAM by Q3 of 2018 as an attempt to integrate the Bosch Connectivity XDK 110 with the Tangle, providing this great IoT prototyping tool with the capability to decentralize sensor’s data using Masked Authenticated Messaging.

Because we quickly understood the importance of a tool of this kind and found out that there was no code available to use it together with IOTA, we decided to request funding to IOTA Ecosystem.

Our mission was clear: build the bridges between this particular device and IOTA, providing open source code, guides and tutorials to help interconnecting the XDK110 and the Tangle.

Funds granted and project bootstrap

Since January is holidays in Argentina and we all had already made vacations plans when we found out XDK2MAM funds were granted (10th Dec), we decided to get some stuff ready on the days left of december 2018 to bootstrap the project in February 2019.

Since then, we started covering the compromised milestones: coding, producing videotutorials and providing workshops around Latin America.

As expected, we run into some issues, mainly related to our code not working on the new XDK Workbench releases.

Fortunately, we constructed a solid relation with the XDK110 team and managed to get our code tested by XDK Workbench engineers before future releases. Because some of the C code we created ended up needing minor fixes from XDK WB release to release, we organized XDK2MAM Github Repo with branches per XDK release.

Project phases

The proposal submitted to IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund presented a roadmap with focus on a first phase divided on three milestones. First two milestones went in depth to create software for every XDK110 method (HTTP/MQTT/BLE/UDP/USB) while the last one aims to provide a nice GUI to view all the data and handle it.

Let’s review what we have already done and what are we working on right now. Click on each item to see more.

Phase 1 / Milestone 1 → COMPLETED → Feb-March




Workshop at the first Campus Party Uruguay — CPUY1

Phase 1 / Milestone 2→ IN PROGRESS → Apr-Jun





Phase 1 / Milestone 3 → IN PROGRESS → July-Ago

Our Dashboard, which will allow visualization and a qeue system to take datasets at little intervals and publish them to the Tangle “as nodes allow” is already being developed together with a team of React coders. We consider that to have a GUI to be able to see graphics and set events/responses is an esential piece to finalize Phase 1.

A note on timing

Because we are already working on most of the things involved on this first phase, we expect to finish it by the end of June, despite the timeframe presented for each one of the first three milestones on this post.

Work done out of the EDF milestones scope

We have also provided open source code to integrate the RuuviTag beacon with the Tangle as an attempt to extend our scope to other devices.

We are always working on a “parallel device” not included in the EDF milestones. Right now that is Sense Hat.

XDK2MAM is visiting Germany!

XDK2MAM is traveling to Reutlingen, Aachen and Berlin to meet the team behind the XDK110 and work on some code for the coming LoRa extension. We will use this opportunity to visit our CE Representative, Daniel Trauth, at the IILA Aachen and finally head to Berlin to meet some IF/community members and hopefully conduct a workshop and part take on a Meetup (more details on this coming soon).




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