XDK2MAM introduces IOT2TANGLE. A proposal to extend integration between IoT devices and IOTA.

Welcome to IOT2TANGLE


  1. Raspberry Pi 3B
  2. BeagleBone Blue
  3. NodeMCU ESP8266
  4. Espressif ESP32
  5. Teensy 3.6
  6. Arduino Yún
  7. Libelium Waspmote (LoRaWAN IoT Starter Kit)
  8. MSP430 launchpad
  9. STM32 board Nucleo 144
  10. Particle photon

Vision for a roadmap and milestones

  1. Select and integrate a given set of sensors (ie. temp/hum/press/gps/gyroscope, etcetera) to the board in which we work.
  2. Provide code to make the board sign MAM transactions so the sensor’s data gets published straight to the Tangle from the board if this is possible.
  3. Provide code to outsource the signing process to enable data storage, graphics and analysis.



Open source hub for integrations between IoT devices and the IOTA Protocol

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