The Integrate Everything with IOTA Hackathon is live

Contestants can submit their IoT/IOTA integrations until November 25th 11:59 PM CET. Participate in the most important IoT/IOTA Hackathon of the year!

IOT2TANGLE, together with STMicroelectronics, Bosch Connecivity, Espressif, Ruuvi, Senseering, VASS Company, IOT ONE Academy and the IOTA Foundation, is calling for the best IoT/IOTA integrations. You can submit your work until November 25th at 11:59 PM CET.

The Hackathon is now live

If you plan to participate, be sure to sign up at the Hackathon website. Those that are registered will be granted access to an exclusive I2T Discord channel and receive tips from the IOT2TANGLE team to help integrate their projects through our gateways in an as easy as possible fashion.

I do not have experience with IOTA, can I participate?

Edge, Connectivity, Fog/Gateway, and IOTA layers

Any quality IoT project that has figured out the first two layer (data gathering and connectivity) can easily be integrated with the IOTA Protocol through our open-source gateways. Those that want to innovate by adding or changing functionality to our Gateways are welcomed, but you do not need to code Rust to take part in this Hackathon.

Take a look at this Workshop in which we explain how to connect a Raspberry PI3 + Sense Hat to the Tangle using our MQTT Gateway.

Check for more information
Good luck!

Open source hub for integrations between IoT devices and the IOTA Protocol

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