IOTA was presented by XDK2MAM founders in Meetup hosted by the NGO Bitcoin Argentina

The Meetup

Daniel De Michele (Carpincho) and Alejandro Elustondo from XDK2MAM introduced IOTA in the Cardano/IOTA/EOS/Monero Meetup hosted by the NGO Bitcoin Argentina this past Friday 24th August.

The NGO Bitcoin Argentina is working with DLTs since 2013 and this invitation was a great oportunity to introduce IOTA to a blockchain-minded audience and to share space with other DLTs such as Monero, EOS and Cardano.

The goal was to introduce the Tangle as a new and revolutionary data structure, the proposed consensus model and to show the work being done by XDK2MAM to decentralize Bosch XDK 110 sensor’s data via Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM).

Watch the spanish talk

Note: IOTA presentation starts at 1:53 hs.

The outcome and next steps

We were pleasantly surprised by the audience enthusiasm regarding this new way of decentralizing information designed for the Internet of Things. In fact, we exceeded our presentation + Q&A time by 15 minutes answering questions about different aspects of IOTA, Internet of Production and our project, XDK2MAM. Afortunally, we spoke with lots of people working in other projects and made some good contacts for what’s coming.

We strongly believe that our XDK2MAM must not be only about coding solutions. IOTA is just too new and there is a lot of work needed to raise awareness about the scope and possibilities of this project as a protocol for IoT. Therefore, we will be giving as much workshops and talks as we can.

Our next dates are:

September 6th: IOTA/XDK2MAM Workshop in Instituto Baikal (Argentina)
September 25/26th: XDK2MAM Workshop at BlockCrypto (Brasil)

The Datamarket

Finally, after some research on the Datamarket, we are proud to announce that we are now listed together with all the participants and have verified that XDK2MAM HTTP code is fully compatible and ready to use with DMP template.

We are testing XDKs in Buenos Aires and Entre Ríos while we develope our own template that should simplify the process of start streaming data.

Open source hub for integrations between IoT devices and the IOTA Protocol

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