IOT2TANGLE: End of year review

Adoption, adoption, adoption

IOT2TANGLE in a nutshell

  • Code needed by different IoT devices such as the Bosch XDK110, Raspberry, ESP32, STM32, etc., to send data gathered from 7 sensors to the Tangle. These sensors are BME280, MPU6050, BH1750, Acoustic, and we refer to them as the I2T Sensors stack. You can use only some of them or easily add others from our code. Regardless of the board or set of sensors, the data will be sent following the I2T Standard.
  • Code to allow boards to retrieve data from Streams channels.
  • A Streams Gateway acting as the listener for the above boards. Our Gateway will receive all data sent to it as long as it is compliant with the I2T Standard. Once the data is received, the Gateway will publish it on a Streams channel. IOT2TANGLE tools are fog-oriented: we delegate the work needed to send sensor data from boards to an instance run in the Fog layer (A Raspberry Pi, for instance).
  • A Streams subscriber application to read data published by a Gateway on a certain channel.
  • Different connectivity methods (HTTP/MQTT/BLE) so your sensors can communicate with the Gateway according to your needs.
  • Buffering instances (Keepy) to handle granular data scenarios on the Tangle.

What’s on the pipeline?



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