Integrate Everything with IOTA Hackathon Winners Announcement

The Integrate, Everything with IOTA Hackathon was an initiative headed by IOT2TANGLE and supported by Bosch Connectivity, STMicroelectronics, Espressif, Senseering, VASS Company, Ruuvi, IOT ONE Academy, and the IOTA Foundation. This contest had as its main mission to call for IoT/IOTA open-source codebase integrations of value that showcase how the data produced by different devices could be distributed through the Tangle and offered with a PubSub logic.

From 26 projects that signed-up, 18 worked hard for one month and submitted their integrations for the Jury to evaluate.

Before we list the winners, we must say that all of the 18 projects delivered were outstanding: great and creative concepts, properly documented to allow further development on behalf of the open-source community. We are proud and confident that we will hear about these projects in the future.

You can find the list of all the 18 projects in the Hackathon website.

Selecting only 5 winners was a challenging endeavor for our Jury, composed by Daniel Trauth (Senseering), Holger Koether (IOTA Foundation), and Samuel Beriguete Valero (VASS Company).

After talking with our sponsors, we decided to add 3 more projects to the podium as Honorary Mentions. Each of these projects will receive a Custom IF Ledger Nano, a Espressif ESP32-S2-Kaluga-1, an IOT ONE Academy IOTA Developer Course and $250 USD in IOTA.

Let us meet the winners!

The 5 winners

First prize: IIoT Through Tangle (IIoT)

Second Prize: Argos Delivery (Supply Chain Tracking)

Third Prize: IOTA Distributed Ledger Technology Brings Trust to Public Drinking Water (Water Monitoring)

Fourth Prize: IOTA Workshop (Granular Economy)

Fifth Prize: RoS2Tangle (IIoT)

Honorary mentions

Sixth: IoTraffic (Smart Traffic)


Eighth: Rainwater-Buffer (Smart Cities)

Hackathon takeaway

As for all the projects, winners or not, we know for sure that the world will hear about them in the future. These guys have done an incredible job that proves how IoT devices can use the IOTA protocol from many verticals.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing some of the amazing projects that did not make it to the TOP 5 +3 with the community. Once you see all this work, you will understand how tough it was for the Jury to only select 5 integrations.

Congratulations to all of you, and thanks for sharing your ideas
This is just starting!

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