Before 2020 ends, we want to capitulate on some of our most important milestones this year. In perspective, from the XDK110/MAM integration days by XDK2MAM to our current set of open-source codebase, a lot of things happened. In short, we are now building solid bridges between the new IOTA Layer 2 messaging solution (IOTA Streams) and IoT devices commonly used while developing proof of concepts, such as Raspberries, ESP32/8266, or STM32. On top of this, we are proud of the close relationship we constructed with companies such as Bosch, STMicroelectronics, and Espressif. …

The Integrate, Everything with IOTA Hackathon was an initiative headed by IOT2TANGLE and supported by Bosch Connectivity, STMicroelectronics, Espressif, Senseering, VASS Company, Ruuvi, IOT ONE Academy, and the IOTA Foundation. This contest had as its main mission to call for IoT/IOTA open-source codebase integrations of value that showcase how the data produced by different devices could be distributed through the Tangle and offered with a PubSub logic.

From 26 projects that signed-up, 18 worked hard for one month and submitted their integrations for the Jury to evaluate.

Before we list the winners, we must say that all of the 18…

Learn more about this tiny application that enhances your experience interacting with our Streams Gateway.

Streams is a level 2 cryptographic framework to send data over the IOTA Tangle. We developed a generic gateway to allow different devices using the I2T Standard, to publish their data on Streams in an easy fashion.

To this end, our I2T Gateway listens for data sent via POST requests and sends it to the Tangle via Streams. On the other end, we have provided a I2T Decoder, allowing for subscriptions to existing channels carrying information.

Streams acts as your immutable data storage, distributing the…

Contestants can submit their IoT/IOTA integrations until November 25th 11:59 PM CET. Participate in the most important IoT/IOTA Hackathon of the year!

IOT2TANGLE, together with STMicroelectronics, Bosch Connecivity, Espressif, Ruuvi, Senseering, VASS Company, IOT ONE Academy and the IOTA Foundation, is calling for the best IoT/IOTA integrations. You can submit your work until November 25th at 11:59 PM CET.

The Hackathon is now live

We are extremely happy to announce that we have already received the first registered projects from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Perú, Switzerland and the United States.

If you plan to participate, be sure to sign up…

Update: registrations are open at

1. About the “Integrate Everything with IOTA” Hackathon

After releasing our I2T Open-Source Hub featuring integrations between a number of IoT devices and the IOTA Protocol, IOT2TANGLE is calling for community IoT/IOTA submissions for the “Integrate Everything with IOTA” Hackathon, sponsored by Espressif, STMicroelectronics, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions, Senseering, Vass Company, IOT ONE Academy and the IOTA Foundation.

This Hackathon aims to generate quality open-source integrations that will be valuable stepping-stones for subsequent development projects that connect IOT devices with Distributed Ledger Technologies. Before you keep reading, we invite you to join the I2T Discord Server to learn more about I2T.

After almost a year, a lot of research and testing different IoT devices we are now live! In this short post we will be introducing the I2T Hub, explain how it works and what we envision for the future.

A little background

As you might know, IOT2TANGLE is a project we envisioned while working with XDK2MAM. Back then, we understood that providing an easy to run open source codebase together with clear step by step instructions was a big enabler for those trying to validate simple IoT concepts: plug the XDK110, follow our steps, start retrieving measures and send them to the Tangle.

As we are nearing the end of the XDK2MAM roadmap, we still have a hard challenge to solve: make the XDK110 send MAM messages onboard. To tackle this endeavor, we have chosen to work with MAM2, because it has a C implementation on Entangled. But things are not easy at all: C based MAM2 is still under development and the Build system used by IF (Bazel) does not help a lot when trying to compile the needed code on devices such as the XDK110.

Since our last milestone overlaps with IOT2TANGLE (our new proposal to extend IoT-Tangle integration) we thought…

After almost a year working on open source code to integrate the Bosch XDK110 sensor’s node with IOTA, we are now introducing a broader project involving integration of the most used IoT boards to prototyping or even for production.

Some months ago we released a post in IOTA Hispano. Back there, we already knew that to integrate this useful tool to prototype IoT was only the beggining of a wider roadmap. As that post, written on December 2018, states:

Yes, our roadmap is about the Bosch XDK110-Tangle integration, but there are too many devices out there and we are confident…

Long time no see right? We are happy to announce that XDK2MAM Phase 1 compromised to the EDF is now finished. This last six months were really exciting as we combined the development of various open source packages to connect the Bosch XDK110 sensors node with the Tangle and traveled as much as we could to conduct “hands on” Workshops and introduce IOTA’s Ledger and Masked Authenticated Messaging as a solution to decentralize information produced by this great device.

We dictated workshops in several cities of Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Venezuela and there is more coming! Our next workshop will…

Origin, a quick review

We started working on XDK2MAM by Q3 of 2018 as an attempt to integrate the Bosch Connectivity XDK 110 with the Tangle, providing this great IoT prototyping tool with the capability to decentralize sensor’s data using Masked Authenticated Messaging.

Because we quickly understood the importance of a tool of this kind and found out that there was no code available to use it together with IOTA, we decided to request funding to IOTA Ecosystem.

Our mission was clear: build the bridges between this particular device and IOTA, providing open source code, guides and tutorials to help interconnecting the XDK110…

Open source hub for integrations between IoT devices and the IOTA Protocol

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